[PVE-User] Three node Hyperconverged PVE+Ceph and failure domains...

storm ralf.storm at konzept-is.de
Wed Mar 10 14:13:50 CET 2021

Hello Eneko,

maybe I am paranoid, but I already experienced this situation when pgs 
are unavailable until you fix the node/osd on which the missing pg is on 
with replica=3 in 7 node cluster, with a failing osd on one up node and 
two other nodes down.

Also have in mind that the cluster will be really slow when a lot of 
nodes fail and recovery can take a long time...

So better be prepared.

As admin I never want to be responsible for any dataloss.

best regards and better be paranoid (always expect the worst case 
scenario to happen, as it will)

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