[PVE-User] PBS (cryptconfig) problem

Tonči Stipičević tonci at suma-informatika.hr
Sun Mar 7 13:06:55 CET 2021

Dear all,

SInce January I've been having problem with file-level restore from PBS

On some PBS servers  "proxmox-backup-client map"  works and I'm able to 
retrieve file from ntfs vm image, but on one of them I get folloeing 
message :

root at pbs03:~# proxmox-backup-client map vm/301/2021-01-19T19:00:24Z 
drive-virtio0.img --repository root at pam@localhos
root at pbs03:~# Error: unable to decrypt blob - missing CryptConfig

I was not aware at all that my backup have been  encrypted ....

This is my post about it : 

I kindly ask for help/support

thank you in advance



srdačan pozdrav / best regards

Tonči Stipičević, dipl. ing. elektr.
direktor / manager

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