[PVE-User] allow-ovs vs auto

aderumier at odiso.com aderumier at odiso.com
Wed Mar 3 10:16:14 CET 2021

if you use ifupdown2, it'll use "auto ..."

this is because ifupdown2 is able to manage relationship.

The web interface will setup correct configuration for you if you use
ifupdown2 or ifupdown1.

Le mardi 02 mars 2021 à 12:23 +0800, Hongyi Zhao a écrit :
> If I create an OVS Bridge with the Autostart option using pve's web
> interface, the following configuration will be generated:
> auto vmbr0
> iface vmbr0 inet manual
> ovs_type OVSBridge
> OTOH, the examples given on the wiki website
> <https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Open_vSwitch> use the following format:
> allow-ovs vmbr0
> iface vmbr0 inet manual
>   ovs_type OVSBridge
> So, I want to know if the "allow-ovs" and "auto" keywords are
> equivalent in the context for my above scenario. Any hints will be
> appreciated.
> Regards

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