[PVE-User] BIG cluster questions

aderumier at odiso.com aderumier at odiso.com
Sat Jun 26 13:16:27 CEST 2021

Le jeudi 24 juin 2021 à 16:30 +0200, Eneko Lacunza via pve-user a
écrit :
> Now for more general questions; do you think a 88-node Proxmox VE 
> cluster is feasible?

Well, corosync is not really done to this amount of node. (I think the
hardcoded limit is around 100),
but in practice, I have seen a lot of users having problem with
corosync communication starting around 30 nodes

(Maybe with low-latency switches + fast frequencies cpu, it's possible
to keep latency enough low to get it working)

> Those 88 nodes will host about 14.000 VMs. Will HA manager be able to
> manage them, or are they too many? (HA for those VMs doesn't seem to
> be 
> a requirement right know).

I have cluster with 2500vms, it's working fine. (on a 15 nodes cluster
with around 200vms on each node).
I don't known with 15000vms, maybe the main pve-crm loop will take more
time, I'm not sure about the timeouts.

At work, I'm doing nodes 20 nodes cluster (1 by rack) to avoid to have
big cluster.
Multi-cluster central management is not yet on the roadmap, but they
are some tool like
which allow to manage multi-cluster in a central way. 

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