[PVE-User] Problem with wrong node status in manager_status

Ralf Storm ralf.storm at konzept-is.de
Thu Jun 24 16:52:47 CEST 2021


I have 7 node cluster and all seems to work fine, but it is impossible 
to migrate ha-vms to one node, non ha is possible

the problem is that its status is "fence" also it is online on all views 
in ha view and in pvecm status it is online everywhere but not when i 
look in the filesystem under /etc/pve/ha/manager status

What I already tried is to restart all crm services on all nodes, the 
nodes were also updatet and rebooted several times, but the "fence" 
status dos not go away, haing this problem for weeks now.

any suggestion?

Best regards

Ralf Storm

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