[PVE-User] memory management of a vm in HA

marcos negrini marcosnegrini at yahoo.com.ar
Thu Jun 17 16:47:11 CEST 2021

Hello:I am administrator of a proxmox cluster and I have been testing High Availability, and I am very satisfied with the performance; but I wanted to understand a little more in depth how the memory management works. I did the tests in a cluster of 3 servers with a SAN storage, I tried to cut the power to a physical server and almost instantly the vm's that were configured with HA went to the next node, my question is, how do you manage the memory of each vm's? do you pre-share it in the other physical servers so that the memory status of each one is not lost? how do you manage the loss of the information that was not copied? is there any technical document of this implementation in proxmox?Regardspd: sorry for my english level, I hope my doubt is interpreted.

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