[PVE-User] Tape Drive Pass Through into PBS VM

Samuel Lorch sam at lorch.net
Mon Jul 26 10:50:29 CEST 2021


i Have been trying to pass through a TC-L52BN LTO 5 Tape Drive from 
Quantum that's connected to a MegaRaid SAS 1068 LSI Raid Card, this 
setup works if i have a bare metal installed Proxmox Backup Server. I 
Have IOMMU Enabled on the Proxmox Host and Passed through the Raid Card 
to the VM. I can Also see the Raid Card With "lspci" from inside the VM 
but the "proxmox-tape drive scan" command and the UI can't seem to find 
it. Is there Any Additional Setup i have to do / any Troubleshooting 
steps i could follow?


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