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Eneko Lacunza elacunza at binovo.es
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Hi JR,

El 26/6/21 a las 14:59, JR Richardson escribió:
> That is a big cluster, I like it, hope it works out. You should separate the
> corosync/heartbeat network on its own physical Ethernet link. This is
> probably where you are getting latency from. Even though you are using 25Gig
> NICs, pushing all your data/migration traffic/heartbeat traffic, across one
> physical link bonded or not, you can experience situations with a busy link
> where your corosync traffic is queued, even for a few milli seconds, this
> will add up across many nodes. Think about jumbo frames as well, slamming a
> NIC with 9000 byte packets for storage, and poor little heartbeat packets
> start queueing up in the waiting pool.
> In the design notes for proxmox, it's highly recommended to separate all
> needed networks on physical NICs and switches as well.

Yes I'm aware of that, but we don't have VM traffic yet on this cluster, 
we're testing it. Also, I was involved on the project too late, when 
node hardware was already purchased ;)


> Good luck.
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> This is anecdotal but I have never seen one cluster that big. You might want
> to inquire about professional support which would give you a better
> perspective for that kind of scale.
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>> We're currently helping a customer to configure a virtualization
>> cluster with 88 servers for VDI.
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