[PVE-User] LXC: Directory mount not writeable

Petric Frank pfrank at gmx.de
Wed Jan 27 17:36:27 CET 2021


Am Mittwoch, 27. Januar 2021, 15:47:02 CET schrieb Arjen via pve-user:
> > Hello,
> >
> > created a directory mount using
> > pct set 300 -mp0 <host dir>,mp=<vm mountpoint>,ro=0
> Is this an unprivileged container?


> > Is this (mountpoint not being writeable) a bug ?
> >
> > If yes should i write a bug report ?
> No, this is probably a user/owner permission issue. Please check that the
> user that you use has permissions to write in the mounted directory. Please
> note that the user-ID of a unprivileged container is offset by 100000.
> Maybe you can show the user-ID, and the owner-ID and group-ID of the
> directory, and the rwx-permissions of the directory (all from both inside
> the container and from the Proxmox host).

This was the hint i needed. After changing the uid:gid on the host directory
to 100000 everything works well.

Thank you very much for your hint.

> kind regards

Kind regards and keep well
  Petric Frank

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