[PVE-User] LXC: Directory mount not writeable

Petric Frank pfrank at gmx.de
Wed Jan 27 15:29:41 CET 2021


created a directory mount using
  pct set 300 -mp0 <host dir>,mp=<vm mountpoint>,ro=0

But in the lxc vm this directory is not writeable. A test with
  touch <vm mountpoint>/z

fails. Omitting the "ro"-option does not change this.

If i change in 300.conf the line from
  mp0: <host dir>,mp=<vm mountpoint>,ro=0

  mp0: <host dir>,mp=<vm mountpoint>,rw=1

the touch command works inside the container.

But then the GUI shows an error:
  *mp0*: invalid format - format error mp0.rw: property is not defined in schema  and the
schema does not allow additional properties

Is this (mountpoint not being writeable) a bug ?

If yes should i write a bug report ?

Updated the proxmox server today from the no-subscription repository. The web GUI is
at version 6.3-3.


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