[PVE-User] Cluster Status Missing From External Metric Server Metrics

Samuel Lorch sam at lorch.net
Fri Jan 15 08:59:09 CET 2021

Dear all,

recently i have deployed allot of small Proxmox VE Clusters which now 
have a need for Monitoring. I have used Influx and Grafana to monitor 
Containers and VM's in the past and was very surprised to see that the 
External Metric Server doesn't supply any Metrics about the Cluster 
status (eg if quorate, number of votes, ...) even though this data is 
available in the api (pvesh get /cluster/ha/status/current or pvesh get 
/cluster/ha/status/manager_status). After investigating the source a bit 
with my limited knowledge of perl i think that all needed librarys 
already exists and that one could with very low effort add this data to 
the External Metric Servers Metrics.

Is there a reason why these Metrics aren't exposed here or has this just 
been forgotten about?

Is this something that the Proxmox team could implement?

This would make the External Metric Server a good & simple option for 
Monitoring Clusters as nothing has to be installed on the Hosts 
themselves and its now Configurable via the GUI.

Thanks in advance

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