[PVE-User] Serial console and proxmox-boot-tool...

Marco Gaiarin gaio at lilliput.linux.it
Thu Dec 30 16:26:11 CET 2021

Normally i define serial console (eg, virtual one, iDRAC or iLO) in grub

	GRUB_TERMINAL="console serial"
	GRUB_SERIAL_COMMAND="serial --unit=0 --speed=115200"

and when i run 'update-grub' they warn me:

	root at sdpve2:~# update-grub
	Generating grub configuration file ...
	W: This system is booted via proxmox-boot-tool:
	W: Executing 'update-grub' directly does not update the correct configs!
	W: Running: 'proxmox-boot-tool refresh'

this settings are still effective? Or i need to setup these stuff
specifically for proxmox-boot-tool?

And if, where and how?


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