[PVE-User] qemu metrics tuning

Wolf Noble wolf at wolfspyre.com
Mon Dec 27 22:20:41 CET 2021

Is there a good way to tune the metrics that are emitted per VMs?

it seems worth asking if there's a way to configure the metrics engine  to NOT emit metrics for some devices attached to VMs.... say ...  the cdrom image of the OS installer, or a cloudinit and efi blockdevs... or an interface that's around only for certain operations, or ...

(not trying to argue merits of various implementations, rather illustrating that there are some resources associated with a VM that an administrator might wish to opt-out of having metrics collected/emitted for.)

arguably taking it a step further, one might wish to not emit metrics for entire VMs....

The metrics facet of proxmox is a little light in the documentation; I went looking for what was configurable and didn't find much.... Am I just really bad at looking in the right places?


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