[PVE-User] ceph metrics emitted from metrics endpoint?

Wolf Noble wolf at wolfspyre.com
Mon Dec 13 20:55:32 CET 2021

I was looking into metrics options, and saw what seems to me to be a pretty useful slew of data that's readily available... but there's not currently an obvious way to get it emitted.


Is an example of a couple peeps who put together a slew of metrics from an adjacent cluster running ceph. 
Which might be a decent path forward if there's no desire to have the ceph cluster metrics emitted from proxmox nodes via the metrics endpoint.... 

I'm not opposed to going that route, but wanted to check in here to see if there's a more well worn path to getting this data that I'm just obliviously overlooking ;) 



Wolf Noble
Hoof & Paw
wolf at wolfspyre.com

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