watchdog timeout hardcoded to 10 sec

Stefan Radman stefan.radman at
Fri Dec 10 15:22:25 CET 2021


What is the reason for hardcoding the watchdog timeout into pve-ha-manager/watchdog-mux.c?;a=blob;f=src/watchdog-mux.c#l33 <;a=blob;f=src/watchdog-mux.c#l33>
  33 <;a=blob;f=src/watchdog-mux.c#l33> int watchdog_timeout = 10;;a=blob;f=src/watchdog-mux.c#l157 <;a=blob;f=src/watchdog-mux.c#l157>
 157 <;a=blob;f=src/watchdog-mux.c#l157>     if (ioctl(watchdog_fd, WDIOC_SETTIMEOUT, &watchdog_timeout) == -1) {

I am trying to use a more conservative 5 minute timeout for the IPMI watchdog but it gets changed to 10 seconds when the watchdog-mux.service starts.

root at pve5:~# cat /etc/modprobe.d/ipmi_watchdog.conf 
options ipmi_watchdog timeout=300 action=power_cycle panic_wdt_timeout=10



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