[PVE-User] Edit: Boot Order mask

Piviul piviul at riminilug.it
Fri Apr 16 16:16:26 CEST 2021

Il 13/04/21 10:05, Piviul ha scritto:
> I ask[¹] about this little problem on the forum but nobody found a 
> solution, so I try here...
> In my PVE the mask where I can change the Boot Order options of a VM 
> is not ever the same. If I access to the mask from 2 nodes (say node1 
> and node2) the mask is a simple html form with only combo boxes. On 
> the third node (say node3) the mask is more sophisticated, can support 
> the drag and drop, has checkbox... in other word it's different. So I 
> would like to know why my three nodes doesn't have the same mask even 
> if they are at the same proxmox version and if there is a way that all 
> nodes shows the same mask.
> I ask you because this is not only a layout problem; if I modify the 
> boot order options from the node3, I can see strange chars in the PVE 
> gui of the other two nodes but if I configure the boot order options 
> from node1 or node2 all seems works flawless.

The problem has been solved reinstalling pve-manager with the command

# apt install --reinstall pve-manager

|Thank you very much to all list members Have a great day! Piviul |


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