[PVE-User] Revisited: External disk backup using PBS - Requesting Criticism/Advice?

Lindsay Mathieson lindsay.mathieson at gmail.com
Sat Apr 10 05:22:57 CEST 2021

TTL;DR - Backup PC is a standalone Proxmox Server, running a PBS lxc 
container using its host filesystem for the Backup store. The PBS 
container is backed up using vzdump to an attached external hard drive 
which is rotated offsite.

    Source Data

  * 5 Node Proxmox Cluster
  * Ceph storage (size = 3)
  * 30 VM's

    Backup Destination

Standalone Proxmox Server in same server room as main cluster

  * 16 GM Ram
  * CPU: Intel i5
  * Boot - 2 SSD's in ZFS RAID1
  * Data - 2 4TB WD NAS Drives in ZFS RAID1
  * Bonded 1G * 3
  * PBS Container
      o Data Store - 4TB, passed through from Host


  * Proxmox backups up all VM's to PBS Container Weekly
      o Will revisit the schedule
  * Host proxmox server backs up PBS and its data to external hard drive
      o Approx 2 TB Data (we are just an SMB)
      o Drive is rotated offsite


  * VM's can easily be restored from the PBS server as needed (very rare
    occurrence - usually a user messed up their VM)

    Disaster Recovery

This is the real concern - Fire, Theft etc. All servers and data 
including the Standalone Host and PBS server are gone.

  * Recreate Proxmox Cluster
  * Recreate Proxmox PBS Host
      o Restore the PBS Container and data from an offsite backup disk
  * Restore the VM's to the Cluster from the PBS Container

Does all this seem practical and safe?

Thanks - Lindsay


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