[PVE-User] 2 node cluster

Ivan Dimitrov hipantcii at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 12:50:24 CEST 2020


It is possible but not recommended ;)
Option 1 is to use a Raspberry Pi or something similar to create a 3-rd
node in the cluster.
Option 2 I have the same setup and requirements as you so here is what I am
doing - assign the "master" node 2 votes and expect a total of 3. In this
case you always have quorum.
You can do this by:
- follow the guidelines in ProxMox wiki how to edit the corosync
configuration (stop the services, etc.)
- edit the configuration
- bump the configuration version
- restart the services

Of course this is not supported and you should be careful with the VM ids
on both nodes but for homelab it works perfectly.

With Best Regards,
Ivan Dimitrov

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> Hi Folks,
> I wanted to ask if it's possible and a proper solution to create a 2 node
> cluster with one noede powered off and just use as fallback when the other
> node needs maintainance. It's just a small home environment, but I plan to
> deploy a pfsense solution and a local dns / dhcp ldap and monitoring. So I
> wouldn't be able to access the Internet when I need to maintain the main
> host. So I tought, I cramp up an old desktop pc which will serve as
> fallback, that gets powered on, when I need to migrate my virtualised
> infrastructure. I am open to alternative suggestions. I would like to do it
> to teach myself in compsci, and I figured the best way was to adopt my
> homenetwork. I don't have other persons relying on the network, so I would
> just need to eat my own brewn soup.
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> Subject: [PVE-User] 2 node cluster
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