[PVE-User] PX 6.3 - VM Shutdown hanging

Lindsay Mathieson lindsay.mathieson at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 00:42:43 CET 2020

This started happening when I updated to 6.3, but I also updated to 
Nautilus 14.2.15, so could be related to that. Also still happening with 

When I shut down a windows VM it never reaches a a stopped state - hangs 
on the running status.

  * VM Console is just black.
  * The context menu for the VM only has start enabled, stop is
    disabled, I have to use "qm stop <id>" to terminate it.
  * The VM icon is light gray with no green running arrow, but not fully
  * CPU cycles around 0% - 0.2%
  * Windows 10 VM's fully up[dated
  * qemu tools etc installed

This happens whether I shut the VM down using its windows menu or invoke 
it externally


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