[PVE-User] [update available] Re: Caution: ceph-mon service does not start after today's updates

Uwe Sauter uwe.sauter.de at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 20:54:59 CET 2020


thank you and your team for that prompt response.

I'll try out tomorrow first thing in the morning.



Am 26.11.20 um 20:35 schrieb Thomas Lamprecht:
> Hi all,
> Hi Uwe and Lindsay,
> ceph 14.2.15-pve2 is now available, it includes fixes for the ordering
> restraints of the various ceph service unit files[0], besides that there
> where zero actual code changes.
> Due to that and Stoiko's tests (much thanks for all the help!) confirming
> the positive result of mine, we uploaded it for general availability.
> Thanks also to you two for reporting!
> regards,
> Thomas
> [0]: https://git.proxmox.com/?p=ceph.git;a=blob;f=patches/0009-fix-service-ordering-avoid-Before-remote-fs-pre.targ.patch;h=8fe5a35c385f7d4007b4965d297fc0daa9091be3;hb=99b3812832d5d5a8ac48a2e3b084c0ecf1fd087c

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