[PVE-User] moving a vmware machine into proxmox

Leandro Roggerone leandro at tecnetmza.com.ar
Thu Nov 26 17:18:38 CET 2020

Hi guys , I successfully moved a vm from my ESXi server to my proxmox.
This is what I did:
I created a backup with guettoVCB tool.
SCP the vmdk disk images into my proxmox local partition.
Created a VM
convert those images into qcow2 doing:
 qm importdisk 117 ESXi_1-000003-flat.vmdk  local-lvm -format qcow2
 Then I added this new disk image into my vm 117.

After turning this machine on wich contains a windows server , following
Machine is ok, I can login and so.
There is sql server wich is not running.
After trying to open sql server configuration manager, im getting the "sql
server can not connect to wmi provider" error message.

I know Im providing not enough information but this is perhaps some well
know issue.
I already confirmed that after rebooting original machine on ESXi server ,
there is no manual action required to have all process running.
So , this can be perhaps something related with licence.
Any feedback / feelling about this ?
I need to move this machine without outage nor customer action.

de virus. www.avast.com

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