[PVE-User] confirmation on osd replacement

mj lists at merit.unu.edu
Wed Nov 25 09:18:42 CET 2020


I would just like to verify/confirm something here, as we are going to 
replace our spinning OSDs with SSDs.

We have 8 OSDs per server, and two empty front driveslots available.

The proxmox boot disk is internal, and currently known as /dev/sdk

Suppose I insert two new SSDs in the (two empty) front drive bays, I 
expect the internal boot disk to shift from /dev/sdk to /dev/sdm

The questions:
- should we expect boot problems or other side-effects of doing that?
(of course I will test on the first server, I'd just like to know what 
to expect)

And then I am going to first add per server two new bluestore SSDs, 
making a (temporarily) total of 10 OSDs per server.

And then I want to replace the 8 remaining filestore spinning OSDs with 
6 bluestore SSDs. Making again a total of 8 OSDs per server.

The idea is: first add two SSDs to increase IO capacity for the rest of 
the procedure, while at the same time reducing stress on our filestore 
journal SSD (wear level=75%)

Any comments?


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