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Steffen Schwebel s.schwebel at uvensys.de
Tue Nov 10 18:12:22 CET 2020


have you seen the proxmox API documentation?

On 11/10/20 4:10 PM, Alejandro Bonilla wrote:
> Hello,
> Whenever I run commands from within one of the nodes, they appear to be targeted to the local system only.
> root at r620-1:~# for i in {123..128}; do qm snapshot $i ready ; done
> 2020-11-10 09:15:21.882 7f81d2ffd700 -1 set_mon_vals failed to set cluster_network = Configuration option 'cluster_network' may not be modified at runtime
> ...
> Configuration file 'nodes/r620-1/qemu-server/124.conf' does not exist
> Configuration file 'nodes/r620-1/qemu-server/125.conf' does not exist
>> ...
> Configuration file 'nodes/r620-1/qemu-server/127.conf' does not exist
> Configuration file 'nodes/r620-1/qemu-server/128.conf' does not exist
> Is there a way to “centrally” run commands?
> Thanks
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