[PVE-User] Backup broken?

Thomas Lamprecht t.lamprecht at proxmox.com
Sun Nov 1 21:17:57 CET 2020

On 01.11.20 20:48, Thomas Lamprecht wrote:
> with using
> `apt install` this still checks if the package is valid (i.e., signed by a trusted
> key):
> # wget http://download.proxmox.com/debian/pve/dists/buster/pvetest/binary-amd64/pve-manager_6.2-15_amd64.deb
> # apt install ./pve-manager_6.2-15_amd64.deb

Albeit, I have some feeling I was confused here, it's late Sunday after all,
so be safe check the SHA256 sum.

# sha256sum pve-manager_6.2-15_amd64.deb
3b5a7377406ae9d85757a5ac31d9e2688a87acf878d6bc0ccde2e5475cffa651  pve-manager_6.2-15_amd64.deb


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