[PVE-User] Some erros in Ceph - PVE6

Gilberto Nunes gilberto.nunes32 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 16:46:47 CEST 2020

Hi guys

I have installed Proxmox 6 and activate 3 servers with PVE 6 and Ceph.
In this 3 server, I have 4 HDD:
3 SAS 500GB
1 SAS 2 TB
However, we need to remove this 3 500GB of eache server... So I do out and
stop and I am waiting for rebalance, but is took too long...
Get this message:
Reduced data availability: 2 pgs inactive, 2 pgs down
pg 1.3a is down, acting [11,9,10]
pg 1.23a is down, acting [11,9,10]
(This 11,9,10 it's the 2 TB SAS HDD)
too many PGs per OSD (571 > max 250)
I already tried decrease the number of PG to 256
ceph osd pool set VMS pg_num 256
but it seem no effect att all:
ceph osd pool get VMS pg_num
pg_num: 571

Now, the sitution is that:

ceph -s
   id:     93c55c6b-ce64-4e1a-92bc-0bc529d695f2
   health: HEALTH_WARN
           Reduced data availability: 2 pgs inactive, 2 pgs down
           Degraded data redundancy: 6913/836472 objects degraded (0.826%),
18 pgs degraded, 19 pgs undersized
           too many PGs per OSD (571 > max 250)

   mon: 5 daemons, quorum pve3,pve4,pve5,pve7,pve6 (age 51m)
   mgr: pve3(active, since 39h), standbys: pve5, pve7, pve6, pve4
   osd: 12 osds: 3 up (since 16m), 3 in (since 16m); 19 remapped pgs

   pools:   1 pools, 571 pgs
   objects: 278.82k objects, 1.1 TiB
   usage:   2.9 TiB used, 2.5 TiB / 5.5 TiB avail
   pgs:     0.350% pgs not active
            6913/836472 objects degraded (0.826%)
            550 active+clean
            17  active+undersized+degraded+remapped+backfill_wait
            2   down
            1   active+undersized+degraded+remapped+backfilling
            1   active+undersized+remapped+backfill_wait

   client:   15 KiB/s rd, 1.0 MiB/s wr, 3 op/s rd, 102 op/s wr
   recovery: 15 MiB/s, 3 objects/s

   Rebalancing after osd.2 marked out
   Rebalancing after osd.7 marked out
   Rebalancing after osd.6 marked out

Do I need to do something or just leave Ceph do this work??

Thanks a lot!


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