[PVE-User] osd replacement to bluestore or filestore

mj lists at merit.unu.edu
Wed Mar 4 16:39:23 CET 2020

Hi Ronny and Eneko,

Just to say: thank you for your replies!


On 3/2/20 9:26 AM, Eneko Lacunza wrote:
> Hi MJ,
> El 29/2/20 a las 12:21, mj escribió:
>> Hi,
>> We have a failing filestore OSD HDD in our pve 5.4 cluster on ceph 
>> 12.2.13.
>> I have ordered a replacement SSD, but we have the following doubt:
>> Should we now replace the filestore HDD (journal on an SSD) with a 
>> bluestore SSD? Or should we keep the new SSD in filestore config, in 
>> order to minimise the time we run in 'mixed mode'.
>> We have the intention to replace all filestore HDD OSDs with bluestore 
>> SSDs, but not short term, starting in half year or so.
>> So the question is really: can we run mixed bluestore/filestore ceph 
>> cluster for an extended period of time? Anything particular to consider?
> We have mixed bluestore/filestore clusters in production. Other than the 
> increased RAM use by bluestore OSDs, we haven't noticed anything 
> special. There was a CRC-related bug generating false warnings in 
> filestore OSDs but it was fixed some time ago and eventually warnings 
> stopped popping up.
> Cheers
> Eneko

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