[PVE-User] Installation a VM at proxmox

Mechtilde ooo at mechtilde.de
Tue Mar 3 21:14:03 CET 2020


I'm very new to this task.

In the first step I want to run an application which need Debian 9
Stretch on a recent stable system (Debian 10, Buster)

Later on I want to use some more applications which have different

I did a research and found proxmox.

I installed it on an machine as dualboot beside Windows 10.

Proxmox itself is running. I can start it with ahttps://<myip>:8006.
I can provide the downloaded iso image to proxmox.
I can also use the dialog to create a VM and connect it to the *.iso.

After that I get the message "Failled to connect to server and the
splash screen for noVNC.

The status message is: "Failed to run vncproxy."

I looked many tutorials and videos on the net but canÄt find a hint to
what went wrong.

I hope someone here can give me a hint.

thanks in advance and
kind regards

Mechtilde Stehmann
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