[PVE-User] PBS beta - encrypted PVE integrated backups

Thomas Lamprecht t.lamprecht at proxmox.com
Sat Jul 18 19:50:25 CEST 2020

On 16.07.20 13:57, Eneko Lacunza wrote:
> Found the answer in the forum:
> https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/how-to-do-encrypted-backups.72868/

FYI, if you're updated to libpvestorage-perl version 6.2-5 doing the following also

# pvesm set <storage-id> --encryption-key autogen

Editing the storage.cfg cannot work because we do not save the file there
as it is readable for all usesrs in the www-data group. We save it to
the /etc/pve/priv/storage directory which is root only.


> As Wolfgang said:
> the file has to be manually created via
> `proxmox-backup-client key create --kdf=none /etc/pve/priv/storage/STORAGENAME.enc`
> Thanks
> Eneko
> El 16/7/20 a las 13:09, Eneko Lacunza escribió:
>> Hi,
>> I'm playing a bit with PBS Beta, found some quirks (reported to bugzilla) but basic setup with PVE integration has been quite pleasant.
>> I'm trying to setup encryption, but can't figure exactly how. Tried setting "encryption-key autogen" in storage.cfg of PVE, and creating key pair and importing the pub key with "proxmox-backup-client" in PVE node, but doesn't seem to encrypt the backups.
>> Is there any doc or example for this?
>> Thanks a lot
>> Eneko

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