[PVE-User] RBD Storage from 6.1 to 3.4 (or 4.4)

Fabrizio Cuseo f.cuseo at panservice.it
Thu Jan 30 12:59:13 CET 2020

I can't afford the long downtime. With my method, the downtime is only to stop the VM on the old cluster and start on the new; the disk image copy in done online.

But my last migration was from 3.4 to 4.4

----- Il 30-gen-20, alle 12:51, Uwe Sauter uwe.sauter.de at gmail.com ha scritto:

> If you can afford the downtime of the VMS you might be able to migrate the disk
> images using "rbd export | ncat" and "ncat | rbd
> import".
> I haven't tried this with such a great difference of versions but from Proxmox
> 5.4 to 6.1 this worked without a problem.
> Regards,
>	Uwe
> Am 30.01.20 um 12:46 schrieb Fabrizio Cuseo:
>> I have installed a new cluster with the last release, with a local ceph storage.
>> I also have 2 old and smaller clusters, and I need to migrate all the VMs to the
>> new cluster.
>> The best method i have used in past is to add on the NEW cluster the RBD storage
>> of the old cluster, so I can stop the VM, move the .cfg file, start the vm (all
>> those operations are really quick), and move the disk (online) from the old
>> storage to the new storage.
>> But now, if I add the RBD storage, copying the keyring file of the old cluster
>> to the new cluster, naming as the storage ID, and using the old cluster
>> monitors IP, i can see the storage summary (space total and used), but when I
>> go to "content", i have this error: "rbd error: rbd: listing images failed:
>> (95) Operation not supported (500)".
>> If, from the new cluster CLI, i use the command:
>> rbd -k /etc/pve/priv/ceph/CephOLD.keyring -m ls rbd2
>> I can see the list of disk images, but also the error: "librbd::api::Trash:
>> list: error listing rbd trash entries: (95) Operation not supported"
>> The new cluster ceph release is Nautilus, and the old one is firefly.
>> Some idea ?
>> Thanks in advance, Fabrizio
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