[PVE-User] Config/Status commands stopped to respond

Dmytro O. Redchuk dor at volz.ua
Wed Jan 29 10:19:31 CET 2020

У вт., 28-го січ. 2020, о 22:37 proxmox at elchaka.de wrote:
> >/dev/fuse                     30M   32K   30M   1% /etc/pve

> >However any ls or cat on /etc/pve does not respond.
> >
> >What can I do here?
> You can put your node in local Mode
> pmxcfs -l
> I guess you have a network issue here between your pve nodes and should search for "proxmox cluster troubleshooting"
No any issue right now (possibly it has been in the past, not sure),
corosync reports cluster is online, both nodes.

Ok, thank you, I will search for "proxmox cluster troubleshooting".

 Dmytro O. Redchuk

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