[PVE-User] CIFS Mount off- and online

Mark Schouten mark at tuxis.nl
Tue Jan 14 10:08:18 CET 2020


We have a CIFS mount to nl.dadup.eu over IPv6. This mount works fine, but pvestatd continuously loops between 'Offline' and 'Online'. Even though the mount works at that time. What can I do to help debug this issue?

root at node03:/mnt/pve/TCC_Marketplace# pveversion 
pve-manager/6.1-3/37248ce6 (running kernel: 5.3.10-1-pve)

root at node03:/mnt/pve/TCC_Marketplace# storage 'TCC_Marketplace' is not online

Mark Schouten <mark at tuxis.nl>

Tuxis, Ede, https://www.tuxis.nl

T: +31 318 200208 

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