[PVE-User] Network Device models

Bertorello, Marco me at marcobertorello.it
Thu Jan 2 16:11:18 CET 2020

Dear PVE Users,

a, maybe, silly question about NIC cards models.

I have a running Opnsense installation on a PVE VM, with 3 NICs, all as
VirtIO (paravirtualized) as per [1].

All works fine, but there is a bug[2][3] in Opnsense, using cards other
than Realtek.

But, if I try to run the VM using Realtek 8139 model, the OS doesn't see
any interfaces. Is this right, since my physical NICs aren't Realtek?

Thanks a lot and best regards,


[2] https://forum.opnsense.org/index.php?topic=9754.0

[3] https://forum.opnsense.org/index.php?topic=14315.0

Marco Bertorello

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