[PVE-User] Typo in Proxmox VE 5.4-13

Dominic Jäger d.jaeger at proxmox.com
Fri Feb 28 08:41:29 CET 2020


thank you for helping improve Proxmox VE!

On Fri, Feb 28, 2020 at 10:47:42AM +0800, Benjamin wrote:
> This typo may have already been fixed (thus why I included the version
> number) but...
> Within Proxmox Node -> System tab, one of the descriptions says "PVE
> Cluster Ressource Manager Daemon" - it should be "Resource" with one S, not
> "Ressource"
> Similarly, in the same place, "PVE Local HA Ressource Manager Daemon" has
> the same issue
This mistake has been fixed already, it is written correctly in 6.1-7.

Nonetheless, the word is still wrong in some places in our source code.
Probably because it has two "s" in German.

If you find something similar, please reach out again. I'd be happy to check it :)

Best regards,

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