[PVE-User] live migration amd - intel

mj lists at merit.unu.edu
Wed Feb 26 15:35:46 CET 2020


Just to make sure I understand something. We have an identical 
three-node hyperconverged pve cluster, on Intel Xeon CPU's.

Now we would like to expand, and we are investigating what path to choose.

The way we understand it is: if we would like to do live migrations 
between pve hosts, the servers need to have similar CPUs, or otherwise 
we need to virtualise the CPU as well. (so set CPU type to kvm64)

In case it matters: 90% of our VMs are debian 9/10 hosts.

While we could do change to kvm64, we currently use cpu type 'host', and 
we wonder how much performance kvm64 would cost us, and what potential 
other drawbacks this could have.

Has anyone ever done much testing on this subject? Anyone with 
interesting insights / knowledge / experiences to share on this subject?


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