[PVE-User] VM network disconnect issue after upgrade to PVE 6.1

Eneko Lacunza elacunza at binovo.es
Mon Feb 24 10:10:31 CET 2020

Hi Gianni,

El 20/2/20 a las 14:47, Eneko Lacunza escribió:
> We tried running the main VM backup yesterday morning, but couldn't
>>> reproduce the issue, although during regular backup all 3 nodes are
>>> doing backups and in the test we only performed the backup of the only
>>> VM storaged on SSD pool.
>>> How about reducing (or scheduling at different times) the backup 
>>> jobs on
>>> each node, at least for testing if the backup is causing the problem.
> I'll check with the site admin about this, didn't really think about 
> this but could help determine if that is the issue, thanks!
We have skipped backups for the "server" VM and we had no disconnects 
this weekend. Tried launching backup manually, no disconnect either.

We'll schedule backup for that VM at a different time to avoid the issue...

Thanks a lot

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