[PVE-User] Newbie in cluster - architecture questions

Demetri A. Mkobaranov damkobaranov at gmail.com
Mon Feb 17 18:33:52 CET 2020

Thanks a lot for your crystal clear explanation

1) From the Proxmox manual it seems like a cluster, without HA, offers 
just the ability to migrate a guest from a node to another one. Is this 
> That plus some other things:
> * you can manage all nodes through connecting to any node (multi master system)
> * replicate ZFS backed VMs easily between nodes
interesting. I need to study more this part. So ZFS instead of LVM for 
the nodes?
> * define backup jobs for VMs or resource pools and they'll run independently where the VM currently is.

do you know what's the most common solution in the industry in this case 
for storing the backups? an NFS running outside of the cluster? Or more 
specifically, say I have a 3 nodes cluster all in the same datacenter, 
would it make any sense to store the backups in a shared storage inside 
the cluster?

> hope that clears things up a bit. 
Absolutely! I'm grateful


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