[PVE-User] offline VM migration node1->node2 with local storage

Roland @web.de devzero at web.de
Mon Feb 17 10:01:12 CET 2020

> There is a "Add Storage" checkbox below the name field when you create
> a new zpool via the GUI.
> After you created the pool on the first node, you have to uncheck it
> because the storage configuration is shared among all cluster nodes
> and already exists.

ahh, thanks, will check.

>> anybody running proxmox cluster without shared storage as larger scale?
>> what i try is developing a concept for running a maintainable vm
>> infrastructure without need for HA shared storage&networking (as we have
>> vm live migration including disks and on server defect, i simply could
>> pull all disks out and put into a spare machine of same type)
> Have you taken a look at the built in Replication to have a copy of a
> VM on another node?
yes, i'm aware of that feature.
> How many nodes do you want to have in your cluster? To be honest, ZFS
> and replication is a nice setup for a smaller 2 node cluster (with
> QDevice for quorum). Once you have more nodes it gets complicated
> quite quickly. A shared storage does not only give you HA, should you
> need it, but simplify the administration of the cluster.
> If you want to avoid an expensive storage appliance that supports HA,
> have a look at the Ceph integration of Proxmox VE.
yes, but you do not only need HA for your storage appliance, you also
need to make the network or san in between highly available , too. 
every storage update is something which makes you go very nervous...

ceph is too complex beast for us, we like simplicity.

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