Misleading documentation for qm importdisk

Simone Piccardi piccardi at truelite.it
Wed Feb 5 11:20:56 CET 2020


I was importing some VirtualBox VM disk (.vdi) in to a KVM VM in proxmox
(6.1). Reading in the man page:

       qm importdisk <vmid> <source> <storage> [OPTIONS]

       Import an external disk image as an unused disk in a VM. The image
       format has to be supported by qemu-img(1).

I just tried someting like:

qm importdisk 100 diskimage.vdi local-lvm

but this just copied the diskimage.vdi content inside the disk image,
without conversion. So to make it works I had to convert the VDI image
to RAW (using qemu-img) and then use qm importdisk with the raw file.

So it seems that VDI format is supported by qemu-img, but is not usable
with qm importdisk. It will be better to clearly states in the qm man
page which are the image formats supported by importdisk, as they seems
to be a subset of the ones supported by qemu-img.


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