[PVE-User] bmc-watchdog curiosity

lists lists at merit.unu.edu
Tue Feb 4 12:53:41 CET 2020


We have recently enabled the IPMI bmc-watchdog on the hosts of our pve 
cluster with. Very simple, and we have seen it in action, so it works 
nicely. :-)

We left /etc/default/pve-ha-manager at the default, meaning softdog.

Here: https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/High_Availability_Cluster_4.x we can 
read about IPMI watchdog, and to configure it like this:
options ipmi_watchdog action=power_cycle panic_wdt_timeout=10

The question is: would it give us anything, if we also configured that? 
As we have seen the bmc-watchdog in action, we know that it works and 
does the job.

What added value would module "ipmi_watchdog" bring?

(extra info: three-node hyper-converged pve cluster, still at 5.3-8)


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