[PVE-User] Extracting/leveraging the JSON schema

Erik Hollensbe erik at hollensbe.org
Wed Dec 16 10:48:04 CET 2020

I'd like to extract the JSON schema for use in generating a golang API.
Judging from brief googling I've seen others have attempted this but I was
hoping to make an effective dent in the problem. I think it'd be really
useful in terraform and other orchestration tools that are typically
written in that language (these days at least).

I reviewed the pve-common packages, specifically, the PVE::JSONSchema perl
module and it looks like a parser but not the actual API.

Best I can tell from googling and looking at the files in /usr/share/pve is
that there is a api.js (I forget the exact filename) that contains what I
seek, unfortunately it is coupled with some additional framework code to
generate it all, best I can tell?

What I'd really like to do is get ya'll up to speed so that your API can be
consumed by codegen tools that are out there. Let me know how I can help
and facilitate this. Swagger would be a bold idea/ideal here, if you're up
for considering something along those lines as well. The swagger/openapi
codegen tools are dull but effective for a lot of languages.

The PVE API is vast and I don't see the feasibility in porting it by hand
100%, especially when you consider future maintenance burdens, so something
that could generate code or dynamically configure a client would be an
ideal solution assuming it is needed and can be bootstrapped.

Thanks and I hope this message from a brand new ML user is not too forward


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