Old ver. Ganeti to Proxmox?

jameslipski jameslipski at protonmail.com
Sat Aug 1 03:03:55 CEST 2020


I'm not sure who to turn to about this; hopefully I'm posting in the correct place.

Just for some background info, exporting from Ganeti to Proxmox. One server is using a really old version of Ganeti (2.2) (server cannot be updated at the moment). I do have some servers that are using a somewhat newer version of Ganeti (2.10).

With the servers running a newer versions of Ganeti, using gnt-backup export, I can simply import the .snap file it generates into proxmox and it works just fine (no problem here).

The problem is the old server running the older version of Ganeti, gnt-backup compresses the images (at least this is what I think is what's happening, based on the config.ini file it generates when doing a gnt-backup export). My first inclination as the config.ini file claims that was using gzip compression, was to gunzip it; however that doesn't work (states not a gzip file) unless I'm doing it wrong.

When I import the .snap file as is, into proxmox, it states that there is no bootable device.

When I do a "qemu-img info" on the file that the older version of ganeti generates, it outputs as:

image: d7f9810e-c162-4cca-bc48-27d6d870c1c0.disk0_data.snap
file format: raw
virtual size: 3.1G (3285575680 bytes)
disk size: 3.1G

The virtual disk itself should be roughly 7GB in size with roughly 3GB being used.

Is there anyway to expand this file/ maybe use qemu-img to convert with this image (not sure)?

I'm trying to avoid doing a chain conversion (export from old ganeti and import new version of ganeti and then export again), and I cannot update the old system.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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