[PVE-User] SQL server 2014 poor performances

Gianni Milo gianni.milo22 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 28 18:26:46 CET 2019

> > Have you tested the performance of your ssd zpool from the command line
> on
> > the host?
> Do you mean vzperf ?

I think he means doing zfs performance tests on the host itself rather than
inside the VM. This is in order to rule out the possibility that the slow
performance is caused by the virtualization layer(s).

You can use tools like "zpool iostat" , "iostat" , "fio", "dd" etc,  to
benchmark the performance on the host. If the results are good on the host,
then you can move further, optimizing the virtualization layer. My
understanding is that zfs needs proper tuning when it's used for databases,
but I might be wrong. Searching in zfs mailing list archives might give you
some clues on this.


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