[PVE-User] Strange behavior vzdump

Marco Gaiarin gaio at sv.lnf.it
Tue Oct 22 15:44:20 CEST 2019

Mandi! Gilberto Nunes
  In chel di` si favelave...

> I have notice that vzdump options, maxfiles doesn't work properly.
> I set --maxfiles to 10, but still it's hold old files...
> For now, I add --remove 1, to the /etc/vzdump.conf, but, according to the
> vzdump man page, default --remove set is 1, i.e., enable!
> Why vzdump do not remove old backup, just when set maxfiles??
> Or even worst, if --remove 1 is the default options, why vzdump doesn't
> work??
> Proxmox VE version 5.4

This make some noise on my ear... two clusters, one with
''traditional'' iSCSI SAN storage, one with Ceph.

On Ceph one:

 root at hulk:~# ls /srv/pve/dump/ | grep \.lzo | cut -d '-' -f 1-3 | sort | uniq -c
      1 vzdump-lxc-103
      1 vzdump-lxc-105
      1 vzdump-lxc-106
      1 vzdump-lxc-109
      3 vzdump-lxc-111
     50 vzdump-lxc-114
     49 vzdump-lxc-117
      1 vzdump-qemu-104
      3 vzdump-qemu-108
      3 vzdump-qemu-113
      1 vzdump-qemu-115
     49 vzdump-qemu-116

My backup stategy is:

 + for some VM/LXC, daily backup (114, 116, 117 are 'daily') all day's week
   apart saturday.

 + for all VM/LXC, on saturday bacula pre-script that run the backup, and then
   bacula put on tape.

the bacula 'pre' script do:

	/usr/bin/vzdump 117 -storage Backup -maxfiles 1 -remove -compress lzo -mode suspend -quiet -mailto ced at sv.lnf.it -mailnotification failure

for every LXC/VM, and as you can see, delete old backup only for some
VM/LXC, not all.

'backup' storage is defined as:

 nfs: Backup
        export /srv/pve
        path /mnt/pve/Backup
        content vztmpl,images,iso,backup,rootdir
        maxfiles 0
        options vers=3,soft,intr

Clearly, no error in logs.

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