[PVE-User] ZFS rpool grub rescue boot...

Tim Duelken news at fladi.de
Wed Nov 27 15:20:02 CET 2019

Hi Gilberto,

> I just installed Proxmox 6 in an HPE server, which has HP Smart Array P420i
> and, unfortunately, this not so Smart Array doesn't give me the options to
> make non-raid or HBA/IT Mode...
> The Proxmox installer ran smoothly, but when try to boot, get this error
> unknow device
> Somebody can help with this issue??

We use this controller with ZFS. You can put it into HBA-Mode. See here: https://ahelpme.com/servers/hewlett-packard/smart-array-p440-enable-or-disable-hba-mode-using-smart-storage-administrator/ <https://ahelpme.com/servers/hewlett-packard/smart-array-p440-enable-or-disable-hba-mode-using-smart-storage-administrator/>

BUT - you can’t boot from any disk this controller is attached to. 


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