[PVE-User] RBD move disk : what about "sparse" blocks ?

Florent B florent at coppint.com
Tue May 7 00:47:48 CEST 2019


I have a strange situation while moving disks stored on RBD pools.

I move from one pool to another (replicated pool to EC pool).

For example, I have a 16GB disk, using 3131.12 MB on the replicated
source pool (command : rbd diff pve01-rbd02/vm-206-disk-1 | awk '{ SUM
+= $2 } END { print SUM/1024/1024 " MB" }' )

When PVE has moved the disk on the destination EC pool, disk is now
using 16384 MB.

Of course when I run "fstrim -va" on the guest, I can't reclaim space
because kernel thinks it was already trimmed (while on source pool).

Is there any way to copy *exactly* disk from one pool to another, using
PVE live disk moving ?

Thank you.


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