[PVE-User] PSA - PVE 4.15.18-35

DL Ford dan-pvemalinglist at dlford.io
Thu Mar 21 05:05:25 CET 2019

Thomas -

I've run the commands you suggested and nothing has changed - the system is still using the old eth0 style interface names.  This is not a problem for me as long as the system remains stable.  The only errors I see in syslog are from a ovs-vsctl and have been there for a while at boot time (I installed open-vswitch to test it out but am only using standard linux-bridge networks).  Here is a sample:

systemd[1]: Started 501.scope.
kernel: [  470.920062] device tap501i0 entered promiscuous mode
ovs-vsctl: ovs|00001|vsctl|INFO|Called as /usr/bin/ovs-vsctl del-port tap501i0
ovs-vsctl: ovs|00002|db_ctl_base|ERR|no port named tap501i0
ovs-vsctl: ovs|00001|vsctl|INFO|Called as /usr/bin/ovs-vsctl del-port fwln501i0
ovs-vsctl: ovs|00002|db_ctl_base|ERR|no port named fwln501i0
kernel: [  470.933266] vmbr1: port 23(tap501i0) entered blocking state
kernel: [  470.933268] vmbr1: port 23(tap501i0) entered disabled state
kernel: [  470.934371] vmbr1: port 23(tap501i0) entered blocking state
kernel: [  470.934373] vmbr1: port 23(tap501i0) entered forwarding state

I don't think that is related though.  The only other thing I can think it might be related to is the configurations I've made to have Proxmox boot from an MDADM array, but I'm not sure why any of the updated packages would have any effect.

At any rate, I will just keep an eye on things and make sure the next few update/reboot cycles are scheduled with enough time for debugging if needed.  If you think of anything else I'm all ears though.

Thanks again for your time!

DL Ford

On 3/20/2019 10:08:42 AM, DL Ford <dan-pvemalinglist at dlford.io> wrote:
Thomas - 

Thank you for your response, I've looked through syslog and not found anything of note, systemctl status looks good, and everything is running smoothly.  I've even rebooted a couple of times to be sure, the only change I can see is the interface names as noted before.  I did apt install -f, and apt full-upgrade, neither of which took any action (everything is up to date).  I will be able to attempt the other commands you suggested when I am home and able to access the server physically if needed.

Here is my apt history as requested:

Start-Date: 2019-03-04  06:15:54
Commandline: apt-get -y dist-upgrade
Requested-By: dan (1000)
Upgrade: openssh-sftp-server:amd64 (1:7.4p1-10+deb9u5, 1:7.4p1-10+deb9u6), ssh:amd64 (1:7.4p1-10+deb9u5, 1:7.4p1-10+deb9u6), openssh-server:amd64 (1:7.4p1-10+deb9u5, 1:7.4p1-10+deb9u6), openssh-client:amd64 (1:7.4p1-10+deb9u5, 1:7.4p1-10+deb9u6)
End-Date: 2019-03-04  06:15:57

Start-Date: 2019-03-09  07:36:19
Commandline: apt-get -y dist-upgrade
Requested-By: dan (1000)
Upgrade: proxmox-widget-toolkit:amd64 (1.0-22, 1.0-23), pve-firewall:amd64 (3.0-17, 3.0-18), pve-xtermjs:amd64 (3.10.1-1, 3.10.1-2), novnc-pve:amd64 (1.0.0-2, 1.0.0-3), qemu-server:amd64 (5.0-46, 5.0-47), libpve-http-server-perl:amd64 (2.0-11, 2.0-12)
End-Date: 2019-03-09  07:36:25

Start-Date: 2019-03-16  07:28:28
Commandline: apt-get -y dist-upgrade
Requested-By: dan (1000)
Upgrade: libpve-storage-perl:amd64 (5.0-38, 5.0-39), pve-ha-manager:amd64 (2.0-6, 2.0-8), pve-container:amd64 (2.0-34, 2.0-35)
End-Date: 2019-03-16  07:28:33

Start-Date: 2019-03-20  06:09:10
Commandline: apt-get -y dist-upgrade
Requested-By: dan (1000)
Install: pve-kernel-4.15.18-12-pve:amd64 (4.15.18-35, automatic)
Upgrade: zfs-initramfs:amd64 (0.7.12-pve1~bpo1, 0.7.13-pve1~bpo1), zfsutils-linux:amd64 (0.7.12-pve1~bpo1, 0.7.13-pve1~bpo1), spl:amd64 (0.7.12-pve1~bpo1, 0.7.13-pve1~bpo2), libzfs2linux:amd64 (0.7.12-pve1~bpo1, 0.7.13-pve1~bpo1), libzpool2linux:amd64 (0.7.12-pve1~bpo1, 0.7.13-pve1~bpo1), pve-kernel-4.15:amd64 (5.3-2, 5.3-3), libnvpair1linux:amd64 (0.7.12-pve1~bpo1, 0.7.13-pve1~bpo1), libuutil1linux:amd64 (0.7.12-pve1~bpo1, 0.7.13-pve1~bpo1)
Remove: insserv:amd64 (1.14.0-5.4+b1)
End-Date: 2019-03-20  06:12:18

DL Ford

On 3/20/2019 9:48:03 AM, Thomas Lamprecht wrote:
On 3/20/19 3:28 PM, DL Ford wrote:
> I am not sure if this will effect everyone or if something really strange just happened to my system, but after upgrading to PVE 4.15.18-35, all of my network name assignments have gone back to the old style (e.g. in my case enp4s0 is now eth0, enp6s0 is now eth1, etc).
> Hopefully I will save some of you the time I had to spend diagnosing this issue, you just have manually edit /etc/network/interfaces and change the names of the physical NICs. As far as I can tell Proxmox has picked up the changes in the GUI on it's own.

can you post your latest apt actions, e.g., /var/log/apt/history.log (add .1 if it already rotated).

I suspect that you ran into an issue[0] and now are not running systemd anymore, but openRC or sysV-init...

can your try:

# apt -f install
# apt install --reinstall systemd
# apt purge insserv sysv-rc initscripts openrc
# apt update && apt full-upgrade

[0]: https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/upgrade-to-kernel-4-15-18-12-pve-goes-boom.52564/#post-243333

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