[PVE-User] PSA - PVE 4.15.18-35

DL Ford dan-pvemalinglist at dlford.io
Wed Mar 20 18:08:16 CET 2019

Thomas - 

Thank you for your response, I've looked through syslog and not found anything of note, systemctl status looks good, and everything is running smoothly.  I've even rebooted a couple of times to be sure, the only change I can see is the interface names as noted before.  I did apt install -f, and apt full-upgrade, neither of which took any action (everything is up to date).  I will be able to attempt the other commands you suggested when I am home and able to access the server physically if needed.

Here is my apt history as requested:

Start-Date: 2019-03-04  06:15:54
Commandline: apt-get -y dist-upgrade
Requested-By: dan (1000)
Upgrade: openssh-sftp-server:amd64 (1:7.4p1-10+deb9u5, 1:7.4p1-10+deb9u6), ssh:amd64 (1:7.4p1-10+deb9u5, 1:7.4p1-10+deb9u6), openssh-server:amd64 (1:7.4p1-10+deb9u5, 1:7.4p1-10+deb9u6), openssh-client:amd64 (1:7.4p1-10+deb9u5, 1:7.4p1-10+deb9u6)
End-Date: 2019-03-04  06:15:57

Start-Date: 2019-03-09  07:36:19
Commandline: apt-get -y dist-upgrade
Requested-By: dan (1000)
Upgrade: proxmox-widget-toolkit:amd64 (1.0-22, 1.0-23), pve-firewall:amd64 (3.0-17, 3.0-18), pve-xtermjs:amd64 (3.10.1-1, 3.10.1-2), novnc-pve:amd64 (1.0.0-2, 1.0.0-3), qemu-server:amd64 (5.0-46, 5.0-47), libpve-http-server-perl:amd64 (2.0-11, 2.0-12)
End-Date: 2019-03-09  07:36:25

Start-Date: 2019-03-16  07:28:28
Commandline: apt-get -y dist-upgrade
Requested-By: dan (1000)
Upgrade: libpve-storage-perl:amd64 (5.0-38, 5.0-39), pve-ha-manager:amd64 (2.0-6, 2.0-8), pve-container:amd64 (2.0-34, 2.0-35)
End-Date: 2019-03-16  07:28:33

Start-Date: 2019-03-20  06:09:10
Commandline: apt-get -y dist-upgrade
Requested-By: dan (1000)
Install: pve-kernel-4.15.18-12-pve:amd64 (4.15.18-35, automatic)
Upgrade: zfs-initramfs:amd64 (0.7.12-pve1~bpo1, 0.7.13-pve1~bpo1), zfsutils-linux:amd64 (0.7.12-pve1~bpo1, 0.7.13-pve1~bpo1), spl:amd64 (0.7.12-pve1~bpo1, 0.7.13-pve1~bpo2), libzfs2linux:amd64 (0.7.12-pve1~bpo1, 0.7.13-pve1~bpo1), libzpool2linux:amd64 (0.7.12-pve1~bpo1, 0.7.13-pve1~bpo1), pve-kernel-4.15:amd64 (5.3-2, 5.3-3), libnvpair1linux:amd64 (0.7.12-pve1~bpo1, 0.7.13-pve1~bpo1), libuutil1linux:amd64 (0.7.12-pve1~bpo1, 0.7.13-pve1~bpo1)
Remove: insserv:amd64 (1.14.0-5.4+b1)
End-Date: 2019-03-20  06:12:18

DL Ford

On 3/20/2019 9:48:03 AM, Thomas Lamprecht <t.lamprecht at proxmox.com> wrote:
On 3/20/19 3:28 PM, DL Ford wrote:
> I am not sure if this will effect everyone or if something really strange just happened to my system, but after upgrading to PVE 4.15.18-35, all of my network name assignments have gone back to the old style (e.g. in my case enp4s0 is now eth0, enp6s0 is now eth1, etc).
> Hopefully I will save some of you the time I had to spend diagnosing this issue, you just have manually edit /etc/network/interfaces and change the names of the physical NICs. As far as I can tell Proxmox has picked up the changes in the GUI on it's own.

can you post your latest apt actions, e.g., /var/log/apt/history.log (add .1 if it already rotated).

I suspect that you ran into an issue[0] and now are not running systemd anymore, but openRC or sysV-init...

can your try:

# apt -f install
# apt install --reinstall systemd
# apt purge insserv sysv-rc initscripts openrc
# apt update && apt full-upgrade

[0]: https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/upgrade-to-kernel-4-15-18-12-pve-goes-boom.52564/#post-243333

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