[PVE-User] Find the right storage for my needs

Marco Bertorello me at marcobertorello.it
Fri Mar 15 12:50:10 CET 2019

Dear PVE users,

I'm looking for a storage back-end that will fits my scenario. Let me 
explain my actual setup:

3 nodes cluster: 2 nodes have 2*3TB disks used with GlusterFS replica 
(there is also a raspberry doing arbitrator), running several VM and 
The 2*3TB disks are pvs of an LVM structure, 'cause it's a home server 
and I'm pretty happy with the GlusterFS redundancy, giving me a 6TB 
replicated/shared storage

The third node just run a VM with FreeNAS that share a NFS storage to 
the cluster, where i do my backups and store isos and templates.

The GlusterFS is mounted at OS level (fstab) and PVE see it as Directory 
(otherwise I cannot run LXC over it).
It works fine, I'm happy about performance and I also can migrate vms 
and containers between nodes.

All nodes are connected to the GlusterFS network with a bond interface 
of 2 gigabit nics.

My problem is that backups are very slow for LXC, because, I suppose, it 
cannot use snapshots.

So, I'm looking for a storage back-end that:

- is replicated across two nodes (I can use the third node as 
- don't loose disk space (I want to have a shared storage of more or 
less 6TB)
- can work with LVM structure, because I also have SSD caching that I 
want to preserve
- can be used as shared storage
- can do snapshots of LXC to speed-up the backup process

If it's possibile, I prefer to use PVE integrated solution (like Ceph or 
ZFS), but I'm open to all other solutions.

any suggestion?

Thanks a lot and best regards

Marco Bertorello

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