[PVE-User] proxmox & scst target ?

DL Ford dan-pvemalinglist at dlford.io
Mon Mar 11 01:09:02 CET 2019

I am familiar with the SCST target driver, not in conjunction with Proxmox but it should run just fine on a Proxmox installation since it is based on Debian.  The company I work for has two storage systems running the SCST target driver in production, I set them both up.   What were you looking to find out?

DL Ford
On 3/10/2019 3:24:53 PM, devzero at web.de <devzero at web.de> wrote:

is anybody using proxmox with scst target driver in production or "non-experimental" scenario , i.e. exporting disk/block-storage via FC from proxmox to other host ? either directly from host or from VM via pci-e passthrough. maybe via "ESOS" OS ?

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