[PVE-User] "Backups do not currently work with IO Thread enabled"

Olivier Mascia noc at tipgroup.net
Fri Mar 8 09:22:21 CET 2019

From /pve-docs/chapter-qm.html#qm_hard_disk:

> IO Thread
> The option IO Thread can only be used when using a disk with the VirtIO controller, or with the SCSI controller, when the emulated controller type is  VirtIO SCSI single. With this enabled, Qemu creates one I/O thread per storage controller, instead of a single thread for all I/O, so it increases performance when multiple disks are used and each disk has its own storage controller.
> *Note that backups do not currently work with IO Thread enabled.*

What are the prospects of this limitation of backups regarding IO Thread be resolved any time soon?  Or is this issue something that could possibly never be overcome?

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